Commercial Grade FKM Rubber

Commercial grade FKM rubber is a premium elastomer, with more than 50 years of proven success in many of the most severe applications such as sealing aromatic fuels, acids and a variety of chemicals with desirable results.

Commercial grade FKM rubber exhibits excellent resistance to atmospheric oxidation, fungus and mold. For years, fluoroelastomers have met the high-performance demands of the aerospace industry.

BRP offers commercial grade FKM rubber in rolls and sheets with thicknesses ranging from 1/32″ through ½”. Its has an effective temperature range -15 – 400F. It is not generally recommended for use requiring exposure to chlorinated solvents or steam.


Commercial Grade FKM Viton Rubber

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Description Durometer Tensile (Min PSI) Elongation (%) Temperature Range (F) Specification Conforms to ASTM D20000 Spec Sheet Quote


75 +/- 5



-15° to 400°

2HK707B38Z1, Z1=75 +/- 75

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Commercial grade FKM rubber is very durable and easily withstands high temperatures and environmental extremes. It also offers extended resistance to oils, petrochemicals and fluids with high lubricity. Common applications of commercial grade FKM rubber include high pressure seals, caustic containers and high temp gaskets to name a few.

Applications for FKM rubber meet the needs of industries such as automotive, oil, fluid power, appliance and chemical industries. It’s widely known for its excellent performance in very hot and corrosive environments. It also offers exceptional heat stability (200°C) and resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals. All BRP products are American-made in their Lima, Ohio facility.