FKM Viton Rubber

FKM Viton® rubber, also known as Fluorocarbon rubber, is known for its excellent oil and air resistance properties. FKM Viton rubber has excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals. Extreme temperature and nearly legendary oil and fuel resistance makes FKM Viton rubber the choice for some of the toughest applications.

Depending on the grade, FKM Viton® rubber can operate continuously in excess of 200°C / 392 F° with intermittent spikes as high as 300°C / 570°F. Proper selection and compounding can provide low temperature resistance as well. It also possesses low gas permeability, low compression set and good mechanical properties.

FKM Viton® rubber is commonly used in aircraft engines, automotive fuel handling systems and high chemical exposure applications. FKM Viton® rubber is typically good with most chemicals and acids, but it’s good practice to check your Chemical Resistance Guide.

FKM Viton® rubber is attacked by amines, strong alkalis and many Freon’s. It also has limited resistance to steam, hot water, methanol, ketones, low molecular weight esters and nitro containing compounds like Skydrol, synthetic hydraulic fluids, certain esters and ethers.

You may occasionally see the following names from major polymer manufacturers: Dai-El®, Fluorel®, Technoflon®, Viton®

FKM Viton Rubber

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FKM Viton Rubber Sheet

BRP commercial grade FKM Viton is not generally recommended for service in chlorinated solvents or steam. FKM rubber also exhibits excellent resistance to atmospheric oxidation, fungus and mold.

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Military Specification FKM Viton Rubber

Fluoroelastomers are known for their heat resistance (400°F/200°C) and a wide range of chemicals. Mil-R-83248 Type 2 Class 1 is highly resistant to tough aromatic fuels, petroleum oils, chlorinated solvents animal and vegetable oil. Mil-R-83248 Type 2 Class 1 or fluorocarbon rubber resists flame propagation, ozone and weather.

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FKM Viton Brown & Black Rubber

FKM Viton Brown & Black  Rubber is resistant to water, steam, oxygen, ozone, mineral, animal and vegetable oils and greases, diesel oil, petroleum based hydraulic fluids, aliphatic, aromatic fuels and methanol fuel.


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