Rubber Storage

Rubber products in storage can be adversely affected by the following: temperature, humidity, ozone, sunlight, oils, solvents, corrosive liquids and fumes, insects and up to 21° C with a maximum of 100° F (38° C).

If stored below 32° F (0° C), some products may become stiff and should be warmed before being  placed in service. Rubber products should not be stored near source of heat, such radiators and base  heaters. Rubber products should not be stored under conditions of high or low humidity.

To protect against the adverse effects of ozone, rubber products should not be stored near electrical equipment that may generate ozone and should not be stored for any lengthy period in geographical areas of known high ozone concentrations. Exposure to direct and reflected sunlight should also be avoided.

Since certain rodents and insects thrive on rubber products, adequate protection should be provided against them.