Rubber Products Selection

Four Key Factors in Choosing an Elastomer for Service:

  1. Temperature of Service
    Higher temperature increases the effect of all chemicals on polymers. The increase in temperature varies with the polymer and chemical. A compound quite suitable at room temperature may fail totally at elevated temperatures.
  2. Condition of Service
    A compound that swells badly might still function well as a static
    seal yet fail in any dynamic application.
  3. Grade of Polymer
    Many types of polymers are available in different quality grades or levels that vary greatly in chemical resistance.
  4. The Compound
    Due to the different quality levels in the marketplace, compound designed for the other outstanding properties may be poorer in performance in a chemical than one designed specifically for fluid resistance.

Take the above factors into consideration. Always know what quality level and elastomer you are purchasing and if necessary, test the rubber to be sure.