Rubber Extrusions

BRP Manufacturing offers custom rubber extrusions in a wide-range of polymers to meet the demands of various applications. We utilize our in-house tooling capabilities to engineer custom rubber profiles to create rubber extrusions that conform to industry specifications.

We’ve created rubber extrusions for industries ranging from military and marine to HVAC, automotive, and construction. We combine more than 70 years of in-house formulation experience with the support of nationally recognized outside technical resources, to deliver custom rubber extrusion profiles on time and to print.

BRP Manufacturing produces rubber extrusions from EPDM, NBR, Polychloroprene/neoprene, SBR and several other polymers. These compounds range from 40 to 80 durometer, filling a wide range of service needs. We also offer cut-to-length services in addition to numerous packaging options. Our packaging options allow for improved efficiency in transportation, fabrication and storage. We can provide information on secondary operations such as applying, flock, adhesives and molded splices.

BRP Manufacturing produces solid rubber and extruded closed cell sponge rubber in profiles for air dams, draft diversion, hood seals, vibration dampening, noise control, electronics and appliance applications.

Automotive Extruded Rubber Products

Extruded rubber products are widely used in automobiles, from the front headlight to rear bumper. Cushions for cooling components, air conditioning clamps, spare tire no-rattle pads and even extruded fuel tank cushions are just a few of the many automotive applications requiring extruded rubber. Many of these are compounded to conform to FMV-SS-302, or can be compounded upon request.

Military Rubber Extrusions

Extensive military and automotive background has provided the basis for traceability and uniformity of high quality custom rubber extrusions. Critical potentially life-saving seals and simple cushions have been fabricated and used successfully.

From the simple to the complex … BRP Rubber Extrusions

When a major domed sport venue needed fast emergency repair of a collapsed roof, BRP Custom Rubber Extrusions combined with BRP sheet rubber, are used with precise specification to provide an accelerated repair solution.

From simple non-skid, non-marking ladder components to relieving the intense stress caused by heavy-duty roof-top air conditioning systems or high-traffic pedestrian walkways …. our American-made products can be found virtually anywhere. BRP rubber extrusions supply quiet, confident and continuous life.


There are hundreds of applications and industries that use custom rubber extrusion profiles, such as:

Rubber Extrusions



“P” Seals


Military Vehicles

Agriculture Equipment

Display Components

Military Watercraft

Air Conditioning Equipment



Air Conditioning Line Cushions


Motor Cycles

Air Diversion

Flame Proof Neoprene


Aircraft Components

Food Processing Equipment


Aircraft Door Seals

Fuel Tank Cushions

Pneumatic Equipment


Glass Setting

Printer Components

Architectural Products

Hatch Cover Gaskets


Automotive Cooling Systems

Hydraulic Equipment





Bridge Construction


Silo Hatch Seals

Bulb Seals

Ladder Feet

Sporting Goods



Truck Door Seals

Clamp Cushions

Manufacturing Machinery


Class 8 Trucks

Marine Applications

Vehicle Windows

Commercial Food Equipment

Mass Transit

Vibration Dampeners

Construction Equipment


Watertight Door Seals

Consumer Products

Medical Equipment

Window Seals