“Rubba Tape”

“Rubba Tape” is an extremely tacky, self-adhering uncured rubber tape that’s reinforced with fabric to eliminate stretching and prevent creeping or extruding during use.

“Rubba Tape” is commonly used for watertight seals in automotive and marine applications, and in architectural designs of buildings. It can also be used in metal-to-metal applications as an anti-squeak absorption buffer or vibration eliminator.

“Rubba Tape” has shown no loss of flexibility or resiliency and no surface cracking during accelerated weather testing, even after 1,300 hours of weathering exposure. It was also able to withstand sub-zero temperatures (-70° F) with no adverse effects.

When ozone tested at 100 pphm for 72 hours at 150° F,

“Rubba Tape” exhibits no deterioration of material. These and other properties make this product an excellent choice for long service life requirements where high degrees of ozone concentration are anticipated.

BRP offers “Rubba Tape” in thicknesses of 1/32″ through 1/8″ and widths of 1/4″ through 36″. We can also custom slit to meet any required width.

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