Cork & Uncured Tapes

Cork rubber tape is an excellent seal, great choice for a shim and under most conditions, acts as a bi-metallic insulator. It provides an attractive cushion for the base of metal and plastic electronic components, metal desk appliances such as desk lighters, pen sets, and glass tops for desks.

Cork rubber tape also provides non-skid properties. It’s made of sponged synthetic cork and rubber with non-stretch print cloth vulcanized to the material. The ground finish on Cork Tape gives an attractive appearance. Also, the close tolerance of this material expands the uses and applications of this product.

CR180 – Military Specification

CR-180 cork rubber tape provides adhesive with extremely high-tack, instant grab and pressure-sensitive properties. The backing is made with heavy, silicone treated non-transferable release paper. Most shapes permit tape or sheet to be die-cut and left on the backing for ready application to the production line.

CR-180 cork rubber tape passes the requirements of Military Specification MIL-T-6841 and has been tested and approved for usage by the government for sealing plastic canopies over the cockpit of aircrafts. It has non-crazing properties when used in conjunction with acrylic plastic.

CR181 Cork Rubber Tape

CR-181 cork rubber tape is essentially the same as CR-180, with the exception of PSA. A full length roll is 36″ wide and can be custom slit to desired widths. It is available in thicknesses of 1/32″, 1/16″, 3/32″ and 1/8″.

BRP Rubber Mallets

BRP’s rubber mallets are a trademark item with unlimited uses. Our mallets have found their way into hundreds of uses from political meeting gavels to the straightening of fenders and other industrial uses.

The handle is constructed from the finest quality stained hickory and the rubber mallet head is made from age resistant live rubber. For added integrity, a steel pin is inserted through the head and handle.

BRP rubber mallets can be purchased in standard cases (2 lb. size). Personalized mallets, with your company name/logo (burned in the handle) are available for a one-time cost. Like all products, our rubber mallets are American-made in our Lima, Ohio facility.

Cork and Uncured Tapes

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