Cloth Inserted Nitrile

BRP manufactures a wide selection of cloth inserted nitrile rubber. Known for its use in military applications and for properties such as fuel resistance, cloth inserted nitrile rubber has higher tensile strength than other polymers.

Cloth-inserted nitrile rubber adds enhanced durability and strength. It’s an excellent choice for applications requiring a very low tear strength. and reduces gasket creep.

Common applications of cloth inserted nitrile rubber include fuel tank gaskets, conveyor belts, work surface areas, aviation fuel liners, diesel tank gaskets, weather stripping for automotive applications and many other applications that require fuel and environmental exposure.

Cloth Inserted Nitrile Rubber Products

Nylon Inserted Nitrile Diaphragm
(11 ounce, high tensile nylon)
Thicknesses ranging from .050 to .25”
ASTM D2000, SAE J200, Mil-R-3065

Nylon Inserted Nitrile Diaphragm C500
ASTM D2000 2BG515A14B14EO14EO34F17
Temperature Range: 20 to 212 F

Lightweight Nylon Inserted Nitrile Sheet MX4608
(4.6 ounce Nylon Cordura® fabric)
ASTM D2000 2BG515A14B14EO14EO34F17

HH-P-151 F Class 4 Cotton Inserted Nitrile Sheet MX233
(10.8 ounce cotton fabric)

HH-P-151 E Cotton Inserted Nitrile Sheet MX685
(4 ounce cotton fabric)

High Quality Cotton Inserted Nitrile Sheet MX685
(4 ounce cotton fabric)
ASTM D2000 2BG615B13EO34EA14F17

Materials meet or exceed requirements of specification. All of our products are manufactured in Lima, Ohio with raw materials purchased here in the United States by citizens of the United States.


Cloth Inserted Nitrile