Screen Print White Vinyl Nitrile Rubber

BRP manufactures screen print white vinyl nitrile  rubber that’s smooth and blemish free. Our screen print white vinyl nitrile provides a fine, smooth surface for optimal printing.

This 70 durometer material efficiently protects aluminum pallets from warping and distortion and provides protection against heat, solvents and the ozone. BRP’s nitrile screen print rubber provides the same characteristics as nitrile, including resistance to many hydrocarbons, fats, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and chemicals.

Nitrile screen print rubber is an excellent option to protect pallets, and other surfaces because of its excellent oil resistance capabilities. White nitrile screen print rubber offers the same chemical properties as black nitrile, with enhanced aesthetic value. It’s also non-marking.

Screen Print White Vinyl Nitrile Rubber

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Description Durometer Tensile (Min PSI) Elongation (%) Temperature Range (F) Specification Conforms to ASTM D20000 Spec Sheet Quote





-20°F to 220° F

ASTM D2000

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Screen print white vinyl nitrile is an excellent choice for long-term, high-quality production. BRP produces nitrile screen print rubber in custom widths to meet OEM specifications. High-quality nitrile screen print rubber ensures perfect printing every time. It’s specially manufactured for heat resistance and durability.

Incorporating vinyl into the compound allows the rubber to provide ozone resistance. Nitrile was one of the first synthetic rubbers developed, it was known as the oil-resistant rubber. It’s now known by many names, including nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) and Buna-N rubber. All BRP rubber is American-made in our Lima, Ohio facility.

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