Flame, Smoke and Toxicity (FST Rubber Products) Neoprene Rubber

BRP offers flame and smoke resistant neoprene rubber and self-extinguishing neoprene rubber. With increasing awareness surrounding public safety, conformance with fire safety specifications are essential for businesses in North America. Flame propagation testing falling under ASTM C 1166 Standard Test Method for Flame Propagation of Dense and Cellular Elastomeric Gaskets and Accessories is often required.

Testing is conducted on all elastomeric materials employed in parts having surface areas of 16 inches² (100 cm²) or more. Materials such as wiring slings in computer networking applications, weather seals, window gaskets, or diaphragms – all products conforming to ASTM C -1166 are tailored to meet a wide range of needs.

Flame propagation evaluates the extent to which flame spreads when exposed to heat and flame. flame and smoke resistant neoprene rubber manufactured at BRP meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by ASTM C 1166. This requests that cellular and dense elastomers be exposed to a Bunsen burner with a specified flame for 5 to 15 minutes respectively. In either case, the flame must not spread more than 4.87 inches (100 mm).

Flame & Smoke Resistant Neoprene Rubber

Flame and Smoke Resistant Neoprene Rubber

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Description Durometer Tensile (Min PSI) Elongation (%) Temperature Range (F) Specification Conforms to ASTM D20000 Spec Sheet Quote





-40° to 220°

2BC622Z, Z = ASTM C 1166

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