Natural Rubber

BRP offers natural rubber products. Natural rubber is an excellent material choice for gaskets due to its excellent physical properties. This material offers superior resilience, tensile, elongation and abrasion resistance. This product has good low temperature flexibility and compression set properties in addition to excellent adhesion to fabric and metals.

Originally derived from latex found in rubber tree sap, natural rubber was purified for use in industrial applications. The beneficial properties have been recognized for many years. Since its development, the properties have been replicated to produce a diverse selection of synthetic rubbers.

An ideal polymer for dynamic or static engineering applications, it is not recommended for applications with exposure to ozone, oils, or solvents. Benefits and advantages of natural rubber include metal adhesion, high tear strength and superior resistance. Common applications for natural rubber include shock mounts, hosing, tubing, gaskets and seals.

Applications requiring high tensile and elongation characteristics are perfect for natural rubber. In addition to its superior abrasion resistance, it’s also resistant to most organic salts, acids, alkalis, and ammonia; and well-suited for applications requiring a soft rubber seal.

Natural rubber can be easily molded to meet the demands of many applications, and offers low temperature properties. BRPs natural rubber conforms to ASTM D2000 standards. Like all of our rubber products, BRPs natural rubber is made in America at our Lima, Ohio facility.

Natural Rubber

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