Military Grade SBR Rubber

BRP manufactures Military Grade SBR rubber, also known as styrene butadiene rubber (SBR). This durable and economical rubber conforms to US military specifications and provides excellent abrasion resistance. It’s used in a wide range of military and defense industrial applications. Military Grade SBR rubber is made from a blend of styrene and butadiene polymers, and exhibits similar properties to natural rubber.

In military applications, Military Grade SBR rubber is commonly used for rubber gaskets and seals, and watertight and airtight closures. This non-oil resistant rubber is available in 45 Durometer and offers the same heat resistance and heat-aging qualities of SBR. It performs well in extreme temperatures, but is not recommended for use in applications involving exposure to ozone, strong acids, oils, greases, fats and most hydrocarbons.

Other common uses of Military Grade SBR rubber include gaskets, grommets, lining rubber, conveyor belt covers and many other extremely demanding applications.

Military Grade SBR

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Description Durometer Tensile (Min PSI) Elongation (%) Temperature Range (F) Specification Conforms to ASTM D20000 Spec Sheet Quote





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Mil-G-1149 (PRF)
Type 1 Class 2




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Mil-G-1149 (.PRF)
Type 2 Class 2




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