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BRP produces superior rubber products that have been used on countless roadways, bridges and highways. Rubber products such as bearing pads, shims and troughs are an excellent way to increase longevity of bridges and roadways and provide excellent support for load bearing applications. Road construction standards vary by state, with years of experience, BRP can easily work with each state’s Department of Transportation to accommodate these requirements.

Preformed Fabric Pad – “BuckFab” – Mil-C-882 – Bearing Pads & Shims

BRP manufactures the highest possible quality cotton / polyester blended duck that’s coated with oil and fungus resistant synthetic rubber. These high specification compression resistant pads must be made from virgin quality rubber and cannot contain recovered / recycled components.

BRP’s BuckFab – Mil-C-882 fabric pads conform to the requirements of AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction Specification 18.10.2, PCI Structural Specifications Section 2.8.3 and Military Specification Mil-C-882. Several states also have specification requiring lamination of steel plates and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheet to compensate for thermal expansion.

BuckFab dramatically reduces vibration and shock impact in applications such as pipeline cradles and pumping stations and minimizes metal fatigue in piping and valves. BuckFab has also been used to lessen the effects of wind turbine vibration.

Solid Elastomeric Bearing Pads

BRP manufactures solid elastomeric bearing pads from high tensile virgin polychloroprene / neoprene. These durable pads are commonly used between superstructures such as bridge beams and precast concrete substructures. Plain elastomeric bearing pads are simple and relatively cost-effective rubber separation strips that are capable of carrying limited compression loads and providing minor movement.

BRP solid elastomeric bearing pads isolate and absorb shock and vibration and allows for thermal expansion and retraction. They are extensively used in bridge construction, building and general industrial applications. Solid elastomeric bearing pads can be used independently or in conjunction with BuckFab to reduce vibration in the installation of heavy equipment. Solid elastomeric bearing pads can be used as load bearing pads in oil and gas pipeline construction.

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Fabric Inserted Bridge Trough

BRP’s fabric inserted bridge troughs are commonly used under bridges for water diversion and carrying water flow away from finger joints and other drain ports. BRP produces fabric inserted bridge troughs to meet several state specifications.

Fabric Inserted Back Fill Barrier

Water and other environmental elements can deteriorate bridge abutments, but BRP’s fabric inserted back fill barriers provide superior protection. Our backfill barriers are made from specification grade Neoprene, EPDM, or NBR and are reinforced with up to four ply of heavyweight nylon fabric. These sheets provide unparalleled protection from the elements and coarse rock fill materials.

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