Gray EPDM Rubber

BRP manufactures gray EPDM rubber with a smooth gray finish. It’s a non-marking sheet that is commonly used in outdoor applications and for assembly checks. Our gray EPDM rubber is made from premium grade EPDM rubber, providing unparalleled strength and protection against ozone, UV and weathering. It’s also very resistant to alkaloids and detergents.

Gray EPDM rubber is 60 durometer, and tensile of 1,500 PSI. This gray material conforms to the physical requirements and standards of ASTM D2000. EPDM is also known as ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber, is a synthetic rubber with a wide range of applications.

Gray EPDM Rubber

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Description Durometer Tensile (Min PSI) Elongation (%) Temperature Range (F) Specification Conforms to ASTM D20000 Spec Sheet Quote





-40° F to 300° F

ASTM D2000 3BA615A14B13C12F17Z, Z= Gray

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Gray EPDM rubber offers long lasting performance without damage and degradation associated with exposure to the elements. Its excellent UV resistance and temperature cycling properties, make it perfect for outdoor applications because its chemical composition prevents cracking and discoloration from exposure to UV rays and weather damage.


It’s one of the best water resistant rubber on the market. Gray EPDM rubber also provides exceptional resistance to most water-based chemicals and vegetable-based oils. Intended uses for EPDM rubber include less critical applications where temperatures are of an intermittent nature. All BRP rubber is American-made in our Lima, Ohio facility.


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