EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber, a polymer composed of ethylene propylene, diene monomer, is the premier weather resistant synthetic elastomer. EPDM is also produced by select major polymer manufacturers, and may be referred to as their designated trade names, such as: Dutral®, Nordel® and Vistalon®.

EPDM rubber is especially UV and ozone resistant to ozone and provides excellent low temperature characteristics. EPDM rubber is resistant to a wide range of fluids including water, ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) and offers good resistance to most water-based chemicals and vegetable-based hydraulic fluids. EPDM is also resistant to many mild acids, liquid fertilizers and synthetic brake fluids.

EPDM  is not recommended for applications that include contact with hydrocarbon based fuels, synthetic lubricants or mineral oils and should not be used with ester based lubricants and fluids.

This premier polymer is widely used in a variety of industries. Automotive applications of EPDM rubber include under-the-hood, cabin pressure equalizing assemblies, interior trim and striker plate blinds. BRP manufactures a unique high-quality finish that provides a flat, non-reflective finish for gap hiders and similar applications. Many transportation applications require compounded EPDM for contact and migration stain resistance.

Construction and roofing industries use EPDM with mastic adhesive for roofing seams, extruded EPDM is used for windows and weather-strips for truck bodies and hangar doors. Proper compounding of EPDM rubber also exhibits excellent electrical insulation properties.

Please review your chemical resistance for you own evaluation.



BRP Full Line of EPDM Sheet Products

Commercial Grade EPDM

Commercial grade EPDM rubber is very resilient to alkaloids and detergents and mildly resistant to petroleum. It’s often used on high pressure lines and pipe gaskets for its UV resistance and temperature cycling properties.


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Premium Grade EPDM

Premium grade EPDM rubber is the best water resistant rubber on the market. Our premium grade EPDM rubber is highly UV, ozone and weather resistant and provides exceptional resistance to most water-based chemicals and vegetable-based oils.

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Peroxide Cure EPDM

Peroxide cured EPDM rubber offers enhanced heat stability and compression set characteristics of the compounds. It’s cured using a peroxide system and is suitable for use when sulphur free rubber is required.

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Premium Grade White EPDM

BRP manufactures food grade premium grade white EPDM rubber with FDA-approved ingredients and typically used for general gaskets used in food processing operations.

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Premium Grade Gray EPDM

Premium grade Gray EPDM rubber provides the same superior water resistance properties as EPDM with an appealing gray shade. It’s highly UV, ozone and weather resistant and provides exceptional resistance to most water-based chemicals and vegetable-based oils.

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